Miserable Retail Slave, 204. "Just Ask"

Miserable Retail Slave, 204. "Just Ask"

“Just Ask.”

It’s one of those annoying online dating habits that can be found in dating profiles on every dating app. This episode of Miserable Retail Slave, Randy tackles this problem by composing a message on the podcast to a woman whose profile only says: Just Ask.

That’s not all. The guys also discuss Fortnite (even though they know nothing about it), haunted houses (including Tommy’s recent experiences with ghosts tugging on his ear), understanding art, and high school graduation speeches.

Miserable Retail Slave, 203. "Deep Don Knotts Sniff"

Online dating is an never-ending battle of minor victories, moments of hope, and confusing defeats. 


The ever evolving terms and concepts associated with online dating certainly doesn’t help anything. For example, what’s a “pre-date” and how do you even know if you’re on a pre-date or not?

The guys try to figure it out on this week’s episode of Miserable Retail Slave. 


That’s not all: there’s also giant squid, hugs from bigfoot, and weird Florida stories. If you like what you hear, consider listening to the extended episode on Patreon and, also, you’d be helping support the Miserable Retail Slave podcast as well.

Tommy doesn’t know the difference between slur and slang/ The Pre-Date / The pre-date rulebook/ “no one’s ever been charming in the presence of a scone”/ 2018 - The Year of Scumbags and Forced Apologies/ The Internet - we’re in the business of boning/ That Active Shooter game/ Tommy’s living his best life/ if aliens came to Earth, how long until someone wanted to eat them?/ Octopi are aliens / The Giant Squid/ Hugs from Bigfoot/ Tommy’s Soapbox/Will we take a hike? and Weird Tommy/Quality Question : What if grass is conscious and the smell of freshly cut grass is the smell of souls leaving their bodies?/ Thunderdome- Tampa Man vandalizes cars that reminded of college bullies/ Man spends 4 hours in underwear on top on Wendy’s/ best fast food mascot ever/ Deep Don Knotts Sniff/ The Incredible Mr Limpet talk


Miserable Retail Slave episode 201: "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start"

This episode, we talk about Tommy’s comedy gigs (for the possible last time) with his friend, Dave Landau, who is now the 2nd mic on The Anthony Cumia Show on Compound Media.

We actually live up to the RETAIL in our name as we discuss the girl who threw poop at a Tim Horton’s employee and talk about why you should never stop shoplifters as a retail employee.

Also: adventures in the NES classic, Contra, the ghost in “Three Men and a Baby,” and we wonder if the Beach Boys song is about Kokomo, Indiana.

Miserable Retail Slave episode 200. "The Unwritable Miserable Retail Slave"

Notes from Miserable Retail Slave #200 "The Unwritable Miserable Retail Slave":

The weather and the “cold shoulders”/ Mansplain (3:05)/ Tommy went to a daddy - daughter dance (3:35)/ Tomish/ Episode 200 and the 6 year old anniversary (6:00)/ The Unwritable Rant (Juliette Miranda and David the Producer) comes to Miserable Retail Slave! (10:00)/ Nicholas Paste (13:00)/ Juliette Miranda’s writing adventures (13:45)/ Getting paid for something you love doing (15:48)/ Winger (16:00)/ David the Producer’s bass playing (17:00)/ Meeting Blackie Lawless (18:30)/ Best or worst band name that David was a member of/ Tommy’s first paying gig was with Penis Philbin (22:35)/ “I’m a little Hemingway over here (25:00)/

Unlikely Comic Crossovers: The Hulk vs. Hulk Hogan

When you hear the word “Hulk,” chances are your pop culture mind will flash to either The Incredible Hulk (“Hulk Smash”) or The Immortal Hulk Hogan (“brother, brother, brother”). With his upcoming appearance in Thor: Ragnarock, I thought it would be appropriate to check out another epic battle from the Hulk’s career: Hulk vs. Hulk Hogan.