Miserable Retail Slave, 204. "Just Ask"




“Just Ask.”

It’s one of those annoying online dating habits that can be found in dating profiles on every dating app. This episode of Miserable Retail Slave, Randy tackles this problem by composing a message on the podcast to a woman whose profile only says: Just Ask.

That’s not all. The guys also discuss Fortnite (even though they know nothing about it), haunted houses (including Tommy’s recent experiences with ghosts tugging on his ear), understanding art, and high school graduation speeches.

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More notes...

It’s that time of year where people are graduating high school/ one more graduating class to remind you how old you’re getting (1:29)/ definition of “sexist” (2:29)/ Can we get published guidelines for all the PC words we should be saying? (3:29)/ a refreshingly honest graduation speech (4:25)/ school is weird (5:30)/ what percentage of kids go to college now? (6:14)/ Randy’s shattered dreams (7:03)/ still best friends with your high school best friend(8:31)/ skate or die! (12:00)/ “I guess round balls don’t tip over” (12:34)/ Skate parties (12:52)/ living in a big city (14:00)/ “I live in the city that never sleeps and I’m going to bed early”/ subscribing to The New Yorker (15:32)/ Fitness magazines at Walmart (16:57-18:23)/ let’s learn about art! (19:00)/ Tommy sketches former Red Wings goalie Chris Osgood (20:30)/ “My Secret is in the Shading”/ Tommy’s sketching YouTube show (22:30)/ Tony Danza is not The Fonz (23:40)/ The Fonz was Wooderson from Dazed and Confused (24:10)/ Side of Beef meat art (25:55)/ Fortnite video game (26:34)/ Fortnite streamer, Ninja is super famous (27:23)/ iTunes review (34:01)/ Uptown vs Downtown (35:35)/ Quality Question: haunted houses. Why don’t we just burn them all down?(36:30)/ Tommy’s experience with a spirit at the Holly Hotel (37:52)/ Tommy’s good experience (39:00)/ “one of my old socks is in my pants”/ the Grim Reaper tugged on Tommy’s ear/ Finally, the quality Question (42:36)/ online dating nonsense (44:37)/ a picky Senfeldian man (47:14)/ online dating profiles (48:16)/ the profiles that say “Just Ask” (49:16)/ the fine line between creative and stupid (53:00)/ Scorpion from Mortal Kombat is a man who loves, he always wants to pull you closer/ “don’t you quit or do you quilt because I’m not into quitters”/ Online dating questions for Just Ask (55:00)/ Justin Verlander or Matthew Stafford (1:00:00)



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