Miserable Retail Slave episode 201: "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start"



This episode, we talk about Tommy’s comedy gigs (for the possible last time) with his friend, Dave Landau, who is now the 2nd mic on The Anthony Cumia Show on Compound Media.

We actually live up to the RETAIL in our name as we discuss the girl who threw poop at a Tim Horton’s employee and talk about why you should never stop shoplifters as a retail employee.

Also: adventures in the NES classic, Contra, the ghost in “Three Men and a Baby,” and we wonder if the Beach Boys song is about Kokomo, Indiana.

Notes from this episode: 


Vampire, werewolf, zombie bites/

Cub Thompson and new stage names (:45)/ a slacker vampire (1:00)/ comedic glory (3:27)/ Evil Genius on Netflix and collar bombs (4:14)/ aftermath of doing Livestream for the Cure 2.0 (8:54)/ The last time Tommy is with Dave Landau??? (13:50)/ Kokomo, Indiana (14:54)/ compound media (18:00)/ The girl who threw poop at the Tim Horton’s employee (19:11)/ stopping shoplifters in retail (21:00)/ Tommy’s shoplifting story (23:00)/ “you’re not the force” (25:07)/ The Untold AIM Story (will never be told)/ actually having fun podcasting (26:00)/ Tommy’s weird women (27:22)/ Sunday Afternoon Sorrows and The WingMen of West Michigan podcast (32:00)/ Tommy tries to breathe alcohol (33:46)/ childhood fear of basements (34:18)/ Contra (35:00)/ The Ghost in Three Men and a Baby (38:10)/ Tommy’s adventures UP NORTH Michigan (40:02)/ you cant make fun of anything (42:12)/ “lady, you’re not a pepperoni pizza. I would never touch you”/ Tommy’s doppelgänger (45:10)/ Canadian gimp (46:12)/ Body shots and bachelorette parties (48:00)/ playing and critiquing the beginning of the first ep of MRS (51:29)