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Miserable Retail Slave #200 "The Unwritable Miserable Retail Slave"

Notes from Miserable Retail Slave #200 "The Unwritable Miserable Retail Slave":

The weather and the “cold shoulders”/ Mansplain (3:05)/ Tommy went to a daddy - daughter dance (3:35)/ Tomish/ Episode 200 and the 6 year old anniversary (6:00)/ The Unwritable Rant (Juliette Miranda and David the Producer) comes to Miserable Retail Slave! (10:00)/ Nicholas Paste (13:00)/ Juliette Miranda’s writing adventures (13:45)/ Getting paid for something you love doing (15:48)/ Winger (16:00)/ David the Producer’s bass playing (17:00)/ Meeting Blackie Lawless (18:30)/ Best or worst band name that David was a member of/ Tommy’s first paying gig was with Penis Philbin (22:35)/ “I’m a little Hemingway over here (25:00)/ Juliette Miranda and David the Producer ask us questions (25:30)/ Juliette loves Tusk (26:19)/ Best episodes, how podcasts go wrong, and telling personal stories (30:00)/ Juliette’s favorite episode of The Unwritable Rant (32:18)/ Online dating nonsense (33:00)/ How Juliette and David met (34:00)/ Phrendly - just pure flirting (35:15)/ What Juliette and David like about Miserable Retail Slave (37:13)/ The Church of the Carpenter Jeans (38:30)/ Juliette’s writing process (40:59)/ Juliette hates technology (42:30)/ Livestream for the Cure bribes for donations (44:45)/ The Unwritable Rant web series? (48:10)/ Crazytown (48:30)/ technical difficulties (49:56)/ The Kanye West of Podcasts (50:38)/ Juliette Miranda and David the Producer bought tickets to Tommy’s standup show (52:30)/ Kickables (57:00)/ The coolest celeb that Juliette and David has ever met (59:21)/ David met Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger (1:00:00)/ Tommy’s friend, Dave Landau, is the 3rd mic on The Artie and Anthony Show now (1:03:58)/ Juliette Miranda wants Bill Burr on the show (1:12:00)/ Missed Connections/ A missed connection finally responded/ “Can you give me the jest?” (1:18:30)/ A Chicago-style deep dish missed connection (1:20:30)/ David the Producer ran into Chad Kroeger wearing a Nickelback shirt (1:22:00)/ Thank you shout outs (Armchair Producer Doug Goodwin, Andrea, The Couch Party Crew (HAB), Jake and Tom Conquer the World, Heather D and TRB from Welcome to Rantyville, Grant and Matty F from Let Me Tell Ya, Cassi and Mandy from the Mixed Feelings Podcast, Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Comics, Dr. Penrose)

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