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by Paulie Walnuts

As I stated in my Essay on Lost, part of what makes the program so great is its use of the internet as a promotional tool. The writers and developers implemented many little online games that viewers could take part in. These games are most commonly referred to as The Lost Experience.

Perhaps the most entertaining and fun idea for The Lost Experience is “Lost University.” Here, viewers can “enroll” in the fictional online university, and take part in various “classes.” Examples of these classes are: History 101, Ancient Writing on the Wall; Language 101, Foreign Language for Beginners; Philosophy 101, I’m Lost Therefore I Am; Physics 101, Introductory Physics of Time Travel; Science 201, Jungle Survival Basics; and Physics 301 Seminar, New Physics with Jeremy Davies.

“Students” take part in these classes through the use of their Blu-Ray player and Lost: Season 5. This sucks for me because I don’t have a Blu-Ray player. But, if you do, check it out and take part.

If not, you can still check out the site, enroll, and take a placement test.

Personally, I think it would be pretty fun to “graduate” from Lost University (Est. 2004), but I can’t really justify buying a Blu-Ray player and another copy of Lost: Season 5.



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